Utilizing Feedly – Recognizes Different Learning

By using Feedly this week, I was able to find an interesting blog post, “One Size Does Not Fit All: The Need for Variety in Learning,” from MindShift.  Nowadays, it’s (hopefully) pretty well established that all students are unique learners that need different types of stimulation and instruction to be successful.  This article touches on this fact with an extremely helpful metaphor of improving physical health – not everyone loses weight the same way, just like not everyone learns the same way.  The article says it best when it states, “Although involved in very different activities, they are both intellectually stimulated, and that is the key.”  Unique education is key, and this article really explains how important it is.

The article gives the example of two students, Suzie and Greg, who both like very different things in terms of learning, but are both very successful students.  The article state, “Students need different kinds of stimulation, and they should seek opportunities they’re interested in because no one thing is going to be the winning formula for everyone.”  I really like this quote because as a future teacher it is important to remember that no matter how much time and effort goes into an extremely stellar lesson plan, there is still going to be some children that it just doesn’t click for.

There will always be demographic and SES differences, which also need to be considered.  Effective learning methods, cultural experiences, personal opinions: all differ based on the student, but they all need to be actively considered.  Each student learns differently and as teachers we need to keep this in mind to best serve them.

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